Credit despite residual debt relief


The debt relief is the result of a long fight against debt. Anyone who actually achieves this goal has had a long, hard-working time. Many now want to finally consume again and are looking for the loan despite the residual debt relief. With the loan applications submitted it hails, despite sufficient capital cover, rejections. The reasons for this and the way out is shown in the article.

Grant approval problems despite debt relief – the reasons.

Grant approval problems despite debt relief - the reasons.

The credit despite debt relief is extremely difficult to get. The reason for this still lies in the old debts. Although no creditor can enforce his debt, the debt has not been paid by proper performance of the contract. The residual debt exemption is merely the proof that the debtor has learned to get along with his current income. How far he was able to serve the old debts, played a minor role. Practically, lenders have had to forego large parts of their claims.

This fact is also evident for a long period from the credit bureau information. Banks and other banks take this warning very seriously. A debt relief is therefore considered an insurmountable obstacle to credit for new loans. The application for a loan does not become really problematic until the credit bureau entry is finally deleted by the passage of time.

Ways back to the creditworthiness.

Ways back to the creditworthiness.

Foreign credit intermediaries are a way to become more creditworthy on the German market again. They provide loans in difficult financial situations. The contact with credit intermediaries can be made through the newspaper advertising and search engines on the Internet. The intermediaries use their contacts to foreign banks and also assist in the correct formulation of loan applications. Credit intermediaries are generally dependent on the success of the loan application.

Only then do serious intermediaries charge fees for their services. Such a loan can of course be registered in the credit bureau. For any future loans, the proper repatriation of foreign loans proves the changed payment behavior of the debtor. The risk of default is rated lower. The credit with the house bank or one of the direct banks in the InterNet becomes possible again in the medium term.

Another way to get the loan despite debt relief, which are private lenders. As a result of the general tightening of the general conditions on the credit market, personal loans have developed from a marginal phenomenon to a trend. Everyone can get a loan on the platforms. The key to success lies in building trust. Room for confidence-building words offers the detailed description of the loan request. In addition, various “credit quality labels” can be purchased together with the application. If you can convince investors that their capital is invested safely, they will also receive credit. The loan, despite the absence of residual debt, can almost certainly be considered safe by private investors who have gained confidence.

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